March 21, 2024

Susquehanna University will offer a data science major beginning in fall 2024. Students in data science will dive into algorithms, machine learning and advanced computational techniques in preparation for a variety of research fields.

“Data science is not just about data — it’s about extracting meaning from data and using it to make informed decisions,” said Jeffrey Graham, department head and associate professor of math and computer science at Susquehanna. “A data science major equips students with the skills to navigate through vast amounts of information, uncover patterns and derive actionable insights.”

The data science major and an option for a minor are offered by Susquehanna’s School of Natural and Social Sciences. In addition to taking courses in data structures, data mining, algorithms, machine learning, calculus, statistical methods, linear algebra and discrete structures, students will also tailor their studies with a diverse range of courses in other disciplines.

Students in Susquehanna’s data science program will learn how to apply relevant data analysis techniques such as data cleaning and statistical modeling, utilize programming languages and tools and effectively communicate to diverse stakeholders, including nontechnical audiences.

“Our world is increasingly being driven by data so organizations are in need of employees who can look at a set of data points and offer sound advice,” Graham said.

“Susquehanna’s data science program will give students the professional skills they need to pursue their career goals with the foundation of a liberal arts education, which teaches students how to be successful as communicators and lifelong learners in a rapidly evolving global economy.”